Awareness in Computer Concepts

Awareness in Computer Concepts


Course Features

  • Location: Offline/Online
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • Lesson: 7
  • Viewers: 548
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Course Capacity: 5
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By undergoing the Awareness in Computer Concepts (ACC), one should be able to gain basic knowledge on computers & their usage by understanding the following skills:

  • How to operate the elements of a computer
  • Perform basic operations on the computer
  • Create, edit and format documents using a word processor
  • Access the Internet and find information of interest
  • Register for a web-based e-mail account and use it, Opening e-mail attachments
  • Understanding Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy to understand the concept of Online Banking
  • Understanding the available e-Governance Services